Food Photography for restaurants in Los Angeles | 12 Menu items for ONLY $249.00

Menu Photography for restaurants, caterers, bakeries and bars. Get professional photos made of your dishes at your location. 12 of your most popular items photographed for only $249, including post-editing and retouching.

You prepare your delicious food and I will capture dynamic professional images. will arrive at your establishment on time, set up in a small corner, and with your chef's help, create images worthy of your food! You may use the images for your marketing, food delivery apps, make prints or artwork, and of course, for your menus & menu-boards.

My setup enables me to work in small spaces with no need for electric outlets or cords

Most photo shoots only take an hour and a half to complete. My setup insures optimal lighting quality, yet it's compact and minimally intrusive. I can fit almost anywhere, all I need is a little shaded area, either indoors or outdoors. I don't use electric cords, not do I require power outlets. My gear is 100% battery powered. This helps me insure safety and minimize disruptions to your business operation. Be sure to take advantage of this summer's offer!


Pay if Full or Deposit Only

Or call: (310) 929-0460